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Our Happy Customers

We are a team of like-minded fitness lovers, with a long combined experience in the fitness products industry. The TopTrendStore team eats, sleeps, and breathes fitness and everyone involved is genuinely passionate about what we do.

Monday mornings in the TopTrendStore office or at the gym are reserved for discussing the products we took home to try over the weekend, and if we didn’t enjoy using them, they won’t be appearing on TopTrendStore. We invite our customers to tell us how they get on with our products, in the hope that their feedback will help others to find their new all-time-favorite fitness product.

We'd love your feedback! TopTrendStore regularly chooses a selected few who sent us their product reviews to receive our products completely for free! Share your honest opinion today and have a chance to win our beautiful merch, gift cards, and more!

The winners are contacted directly via e-mail on the first day of every month!